About “I Work Better With An Audience”

UntitledI Work Better With An Audience: Thoughts on Life, Love, Food & Jiggly Bits

“Jennifer Inglis is my new favorite writer, and she’ll soon be yours.” – Kristen Johnston, Author, “GUTS,” and Actor, “3rd Rock From The Sun,” “The Exes.”

In this hilarious collection of essays about one woman’s search to figure out what happens once you stop kidding yourself and plant both feet firmly into adulthood, Jennifer Inglis covers topics such as food obsessions, body image, family, relationships, religion, exercise, fears, shopping, aging, pop culture, and growing up as the kid who never quite fit in.

As unique as they are humorous, these stories are surprisingly insightful. Between Jewish guilt, being a non-threatening “cougar,” and aging in a completely unconventional, yet hopefully graceful, manner, readers will see a little of themselves as Inglis attempts to interpret life’s events, rather than simply report on them.

A deeply personal and surprisingly funny collection of stories and anecdotes, this book shows how Inglis’s unique views on everyday life, as well as her keen sense of the absurd, allow her to make sense of the world. With a heartfelt message about finding the inner strength to be who you truly are, this collection is as inspiring as it is entertaining. More than just comedic, Inglis’s stories are intimate, easily identifiable, and, most importantly, real.

I Work Better with an Audience: Thoughts on Life, Love, Food, and Jiggly Bits takes on life’s weird moments and the things we all deal with every day. Embracing differences and celebrating common bonds, these terrific stories reach across boundaries to entertain, captivate, and touch people from all backgrounds.


6 thoughts on “About “I Work Better With An Audience”

  1. I’m currently reading your book.
    Aside from the fact that I’m not Jewish, I think we could be the same person! Love it!”

  2. I just finished your book on my Kindle. It’s. a hoot! I laughed so hard I scared the cats. I think we have been twins separated at birth except for the facts that Imwnot Jewish, I’m years older than you are, and I’m Southern.

    • So glad you enjoyed it! That’s great to hear, Becky! Please feel free to leave a review on Amazon.com, as everything helps to get the word out about the book! And tell a friend! Thank you for your support!

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