About Me

Yes, this is really me!

The “Official” Bio:

Jennifer Inglis studied comedy writing at the Training Center at The Second City and is a member of the Chicago Writer’s Association. An alumna of Northern Illinois University, Jennifer earned a bachelor’s degree in theater arts and recently earned her master’s degree in education. She was a public school drama teacher for six years, and has worn a variety of hats in professional theater in suburban Chicago, including that of playwright, actor, director, and producer.

Some other stuff, much less official:

The first story I ever wrote was about a mouse who went to Israel and moderated peace talks between Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat. I was eight years old. Fortunately, my tone has lightened up considerably since then.

Much to my mother and father’s delight, I majored in theater in college, where I studied acting, directing, playwriting and improv. I started to learn what got a laugh and what didn’t, how to think on my toes, and how to write a three-minute sketch featuring nothing but one-word lines of dialogue. All for $8k a year, plus room and board.

And then, I didn’t write anything. For a long time.

Slowly, I started again. By this time, the internet was a thing, and instead of bothering my friends with emails about the latest random musings to pop into my head, I thought, “Hey! I can start a blog!”

And there was much rejoicing. Not really.

But something more important happened — I rediscovered how much I liked to write. And that people thought my stuff was funny.

I liked that.

So I kept writing. And writing. I wrote about fashion, food, diets, relationships, aging, celebrities, my ass…anything really.


In the meantime, I’ll keep having disasters in the kitchen, researching the latest in useless celebrity trivia, and fighting the good fight over the rampant misuse of the apostrophe (you know, as you do). I’ll be sure to report back.

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