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“Jennifer Inglis is my new favorite writer, and she’ll soon be yours.” – Kristen Johnston, Author, GUTS, and Actor, “3rd Rock From The Sun” and “The Exes.”

“Laugh out loud funny, genuine, and simply awesome.” – Tawn M.

“I loved this book. This is ME! I was that “girl that looked like a boy”, who for some unfathomable reason decided to get a really,really short, punk haircut for grade 9.  Jennifer Inglis’s book had me laughing, sometimes to the point of Pepsi Rocket fuel coming out my nose. Would definitely read Volume 2…something tells me there are more stories to be told!” – Ann F.

From Amazon:

“This book has so much that people can relate to, especially if you’re middle-aged woman. I often had to find someone to read parts to out loud because I HAD to share it. It’s a refreshing change to read this style of book. Keep them coming Jennifer!” – Angela W. (5/5 stars)

“At last a book that’s funny and honest about tricky and delicate subjects. Inglis has a keen eye and isn’t afraid to turn her observations on herself–all the while making the reader laugh…and feel understood. Bring on the sequel!” – Juliet F. (4/5 stars)

“This was a quick read with lots of chuckles, giggles and laughs. Confirmed that I’m not the only one who is a little outside of the “norm”. Jennifer Inglis and I are kindred spirits.” – Visiondeb (5/5 stars)

“This collection of stories is perfect reading for this summer (or fall, or winter, or spring, depending on when you read this review). The stories are insightful, observant, and real. They are also funny. Real funny. And that’s the best quality to have for a book like this. She knows when to make a point, when to land a joke, and when to move on to the next idea, making the transitions between stories nice and smooth. I highly recommend this book, especially if you’re looking for some escapism. Now, I don’t consider calling a book a “light read” or “fast read” derogatory. If this were the sequel to Les Miserables (I’d like to see that, especially since everyone’s pretty much dead at the end), then it might not be in the best taste. But when it comes to memoirs and storytelling, like Sedaris, to me, it’s a compliment. And that’s all I want to do, is give this book as many compliments as I can. Enjoy!” – Will H. (5/5 stars)

“This book was written from the heart and personal. Humor exists on every page and the writer’s skill is affluent. A relatable read that gives you a girlfriend sitting across the table when you want company and some laughs!” – Caroline H. (5/5 stars)

“I grabbed this for free from Amazon and I’m so glad that I did! Such fun little comedy bits that kept me genuinely smiling. I’ve already recommended this book to several people. If you’re entertained by funny “every day” ladies (i.e., not famous comediennes) and the observations of life — particularly if you’re headed toward 40 and have yet to figure life out yet, I think you’ll enjoy this book.” – Mia (5/5 stars)

“This book made me laugh out loud constantly. I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to read the next story. I would recommend this book to any one that enjoys a well written, entertaining book.” – Caitlyn C. (5/5 stars)

“Jennifer Inglis captured so many parts of my life! She knows how women feel, in this day, being this age. She is witty, insightful and relatable. I can’t wait to have my BFF’s read this book so we can share a bottle of wine (or two) some crabcakes and discuss this book. I Work Better With An Audience: Thoughts on Life, Love,Food and Jiggly Bits, is a great fun read for the beach, your next plane flight, or in a tub full of bubbles. I promise you will love it!” – Holly R. (5/5 stars)


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