Brush With Greatness

This evening I went to see David Sedaris perform at a local college. It was excellent, and I enjoyed it immensely. Beforehand, he was in the lobby signing books, and I managed to be second in line. Before I handed him my well-worn copy of “When You Are Engulfed In Flames,” I handed him a copy of MY book, as a “thank you for being such a big influence on my writing.”

Or at least I think that’s what I said.

I wanted so badly to be witty and charming, but I think I was closer to being that woman who talks too fast and laughs too loud. When I wasn’t babbling incoherently, that is.


He has a copy of my book. He’s seen the cover. Whether he actually reads it is another story, but hey, sometimes you have to take a chance. If nothing else, it’s motivated me to start writing again, an activity I’ve sadly neglected recently.

Plus, I’ve got a cool autograph in the book…


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