Spring Has Not Yet Sprung. They lied.

So it’s supposed to be the first day of spring. Uh, no. The thermometer on my car said 16 degrees. That’s not spring to me.

(By the way, I almost typed, “The thermometer on my cat.”)

The days are getting longer, the weather is SUPPOSED to be getting warmer, and this not-so-young lady’s fancy turns to…

I don’t know. Cookies?

I recently read a blog post by another writer who said we should have no excuses when it comes to writing. There will always be something else that has to get done, and there are myriad excuses as to why we can’t find the time to write. My top five excuses usually consist of: I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired, and I’m worn out from dealing with middle schoolers all day.

Valid? Sure. Am I using these excuses as a crutch? No doubt.

The thing is, one can’t just call oneself a writer. One actually has to, you know, write.

So what does that say about me? The characters in my new project are calling to me, but these days I always seem to have a reason to ignore them. And like petulant toddlers, they’re getting cranky.

Like any worthwhile endeavor, I think sometimes we have to push past our own immediate discomfort and do what we need to do. Notice I didn’t say “have” to do,  or “should” do. When it comes to our passions, the word “need” is paramount. I need to be writing. The world may not come to an end if I don’t, but I might. (Well, maybe that’s a tad over dramatic. But, point made.)

So I will get myself back on track. Right now. In the words of Linda Loman, “Attention must be paid.”

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